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lightning-bkpr-dumpincomecsv -- Command to emit a CSV of income events


bkpr-dumpincomecsv csv_format [csv_file] [consolidate_fees] [start_time] [end_time]


The bkpr-dumpincomcsv RPC command writes a CSV file to disk at csv_file location. This is a formatted output of the listincome RPC command.

csv_format is which CSV format to use. See RETURN VALUE for options.

csv_file is the on-disk destination of the generated CSV file.

If consolidate_fees is true, we emit a single, consolidated event for any onchain-fees for a txid and account. Otherwise, events for every update to the onchain fee calculation for this account and txid will be printed. Defaults to true. Note that this means that the events emitted are non-stable, i.e. calling dumpincomecsv twice may result in different onchain fee events being emitted, depending on how much information we've logged for that transaction.

The start_time is a UNIX timestamp (in seconds) that filters events after the provided timestamp. Defaults to zero.

The end_time is a UNIX timestamp (in seconds) that filters events up to and at the provided timestamp. Defaults to max-int.


On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • csv_file (string): File that the csv was generated to
  • csv_format (string): Format to print csv as (one of "cointracker", "koinly", "harmony", "quickbooks")


niftynei is mainly responsible.


lightning-bkpr-listincome(7), lightning-bkpr-listfunds(7), lightning-bkpr-listaccountevents(7), lightning-bkpr-channelsapy(7), lightning-listpeers(7).


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