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lightning-listforwards -- Command showing all htlcs and their information


listforwards [status] [in_channel] [out_channel]


The listforwards RPC command displays all htlcs that have been attempted to be forwarded by the Core Lightning node.

If status is specified, then only the forwards with the given status are returned. status can be either offered or settled or failed or local_failed

If in_channel or out_channel is specified, then only the matching forwards on the given in/out channel are returned.


On success, an object containing forwards is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

  • in_channel (short_channel_id): the channel that received the HTLC
  • in_msat (msat): the value of the incoming HTLC
  • status (string): still ongoing, completed, failed locally, or failed after forwarding (one of "offered", "settled", "local_failed", "failed")
  • received_time (number): the UNIX timestamp when this was received
  • in_htlc_id (u64, optional): the unique HTLC id the sender gave this (not present if incoming channel was closed before ugprade to v22.11)
  • out_channel (short_channel_id, optional): the channel that the HTLC (trying to) forward to
  • out_htlc_id (u64, optional): the unique HTLC id we gave this when sending (may be missing even if out_channel is present, for old forwards before v22.11)
  • style (string, optional): Either a legacy onion format or a modern tlv format (one of "legacy", "tlv")

If out_msat is present:

  • fee_msat (msat): the amount this paid in fees
  • out_msat (msat): the amount we sent out the out_channel

If status is "settled" or "failed":

  • resolved_time (number): the UNIX timestamp when this was resolved

If status is "local_failed" or "failed":

  • failcode (u32, optional): the numeric onion code returned
  • failreason (string, optional): the name of the onion code returned


Rene Pickhardt <> is mainly responsible.


lightning-autoclean-status(7), lightning-getinfo(7)


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