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lightning-listsendpays -- Low-level command for querying sendpay status


listsendpays [bolt11] [payment_hash] [status]


The listsendpays RPC command gets the status of all sendpay commands (which is also used by the pay command), or with bolt11 or payment_hash limits results to that specific payment. You cannot specify both. It is possible filter the payments also by status.

Note that in future there may be more than one concurrent sendpay command per pay, so this command should be used with caution.


Note that the returned array is ordered by increasing id.

On success, an object containing payments is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

  • id (u64): unique ID for this payment attempt
  • groupid (u64): Grouping key to disambiguate multiple attempts to pay an invoice or the same payment_hash
  • payment_hash (hash): the hash of the payment_preimage which will prove payment
  • status (string): status of the payment (one of "pending", "failed", "complete")
  • created_at (u64): the UNIX timestamp showing when this payment was initiated
  • amount_sent_msat (msat): The amount sent
  • partid (u64, optional): Part number (for multiple parts to a single payment)
  • amount_msat (msat, optional): The amount delivered to destination (if known)
  • destination (pubkey, optional): the final destination of the payment if known
  • label (string, optional): the label, if given to sendpay
  • bolt11 (string, optional): the bolt11 string (if pay supplied one)
  • description (string, optional): the description matching the bolt11 description hash (if pay supplied one)
  • bolt12 (string, optional): the bolt12 string (if supplied for pay: experimental-offers only).

If status is "complete":

  • payment_preimage (secret): the proof of payment: SHA256 of this payment_hash

If status is "failed":

  • erroronion (hex, optional): the onion message returned


Christian Decker <> is mainly responsible.


lightning-listpays(7), lightning-sendpay(7), lightning-listinvoice(7).


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