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lightning-unreserveinputs -- Release reserved UTXOs


unreserveinputs psbt [reserve]


The unreserveinputs RPC command releases (or reduces reservation) on UTXOs which were previously marked as reserved, generally by lightning-reserveinputs(7).

The inputs to unreserve are the inputs specified in the passed-in psbt.

If reserve is specified, it is the number of blocks to decrease reservation by; default is 72.


On success, an object containing reservations is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

  • txid (txid): the transaction id
  • vout (u32): the output number which was reserved
  • was_reserved (boolean): whether the input was already reserved (usually true)
  • reserved (boolean): whether the input is now reserved (may still be true if it was reserved for a long time)

If reserved is true:

  • reserved_to_block (u32): what blockheight the reservation will expire

On failure, an error is reported and no UTXOs are unreserved.

The following error codes may occur: - -32602: Invalid parameter, i.e. an unparseable PSBT.


niftynei <> is mainly responsible.


lightning-unreserveinputs(7), lightning-signpsbt(7), lightning-sendpsbt(7)


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