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lightning-openchannel_init -- Command to initiate a channel to a peer


openchannel_init id amount initalpsbt [commitment_feerate] [funding_feerate] [announce] [close_to] [request_amt] [compact_lease]


openchannel_init is a low level RPC command which initiates a channel open with a specified peer. It uses the openchannel protocol which allows for interactive transaction construction.

id is the node id of the remote peer.

amount is the satoshi value that we will contribute to the channel. This value will be added to the provided PSBT in the output which is encumbered by the 2-of-2 script for this channel.

initialpsbt is the funded, incomplete PSBT that specifies the UTXOs and change output for our channel contribution. It can be updated, see openchannel_update; initialpsbt must have at least one input. Must have the Non-Witness UTXO (PSBT_IN_NON_WITNESS_UTXO) set for every input. An error (code 309) will be returned if this requirement is not met.

commitment_feerate is an optional field. Sets the feerate for commitment transactions: see fundchannel.

funding_feerate is an optional field. Sets the feerate for the funding transaction. Defaults to 'opening' feerate.

announce is an optional field. Whether or not to announce this channel.

close_to is a Bitcoin address to which the channel funds should be sent on close. Only valid if both peers have negotiated option_upfront_shutdown_script.

request_amt is an amount of liquidity you'd like to lease from the peer. If peer supports option_will_fund, indicates to them to include this much liquidity into the channel. Must also pass in compact_lease.

compact_lease is a compact represenation of the peer's expected channel lease terms. If the peer's terms don't match this set, we will fail to open the channel.


On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • channel_id (hex): the channel id of the channel (always 64 characters)
  • psbt (string): the (incomplete) PSBT of the funding transaction
  • commitments_secured (boolean): whether the psbt is complete (always false)
  • funding_serial (u64): the serial_id of the funding output in the psbt
  • requires_confirmed_inputs (boolean, optional): Does peer require confirmed inputs in psbt?

If the peer does not support option_dual_fund, this command will return an error.

If you sent a request_amt and the peer supports option_will_fund and is interested in leasing you liquidity in this channel, returns their updated channel fee max (channel_fee_proportional_basis, channel_fee_base_msat), updated rate card for the lease fee (lease_fee_proportional_basis, lease_fee_base_sat) and their on-chain weight weight_charge, which will be added to the lease fee at a rate of funding_feerate * weight_charge / 1000.

On error the returned object will contain code and message properties, with code being one of the following:

  • -32602: If the given parameters are wrong.
  • -1: Catchall nonspecific error.
  • 300: The amount exceeded the maximum configured funding amount.
  • 301: The provided PSBT cannot afford the funding amount.
  • 304: Still syncing with bitcoin network
  • 305: Peer is not connected.
  • 306: Unknown peer id.
  • 309: PSBT missing required fields
  • 310: v2 channel open protocol not supported by peer
  • 312: Channel in an invalid state


lightning-openchannel_update(7), lightning-openchannel_signed(7), lightning-openchannel_abort(7), lightning-openchannel_bump(7), lightning-fundchannel_start(7), lightning-fundchannel_complete(7), lightning-fundchannel(7), lightning-fundpsbt(7), lightning-utxopsbt(7), lightning-multifundchannel(7)


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