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lightning-fundchannel_complete -- Command for completing channel establishment


fundchannel_complete id psbt


fundchannel_complete is a lower level RPC command. It allows a user to complete an initiated channel establishment with a connected peer.

id is the node id of the remote peer.

psbt is the transaction to use for funding (does not need to be signed but must be otherwise complete).

Note that the funding transaction MUST NOT be broadcast until after channel establishment has been successfully completed, as the commitment transactions for this channel are not secured until this command successfully completes. Broadcasting transaction before can lead to unrecoverable loss of funds.


On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • channel_id (hex): The channel_id of the resulting channel (always 64 characters)
  • commitments_secured (boolean): Indication that channel is safe to use (always true)

On error the returned object will contain code and message properties, with code being one of the following:

  • -32602: If the given parameters are wrong.
  • -1: Catchall nonspecific error.
  • 305: Peer is not connected.
  • 306: Unknown peer id.
  • 309: PSBT does not have a unique, correct output to fund the channel.


Lisa Neigut <> is mainly responsible.


lightning-connect(7), lightning-fundchannel(7), lightning-multifundchannel(7), lightning-fundchannel_start(7), lightning-fundchannel_cancel(7), lightning-openchannel_init(7), lightning-openchannel_update(7), lightning-openchannel_signed(7), lightning-openchannel_bump(7), lightning-openchannel_abort(7)


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