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lightning-commando -- Command to Send a Command to a Remote Peer


commando peer_id method [params] [rune]


The commando RPC command is a homage to bad 80s movies. It also sends a directly-connected peer_id a custom message, containing a request to run method (with an optional dictionary of params); generally the peer will only allow you to run a command if it has provided you with a rune which allows it.


On success, the return depends on the method invoked.

On failure, one of the following error codes may be returned:

  • -32600: Usually means peer is not connected
  • 19535: the local commando plugin discovered an error.
  • 19536: the remote commando plugin discovered an error.
  • 19537: the remote commando plugin said we weren't authorized.

It can also fail if the peer does not respond, in which case it will simply hang awaiting a response.


Rusty Russell <> wrote the original Python plugin, the in-tree commando plugin, and this manual page.

Christian Decker came up with the name "commando", which almost excuses his previous adoption of the name "Eltoo".




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